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Avoca Post Office

This building at "Harefield" near St Marys was the cottage built by
Dr Alexander Thomson in the
early 1830s.
It is believed to be the oldest building still standing in the Fingal valley

Cullenswood Anglican Church
built by convict labour in 1834 for
Robert Vincent Legge the original owner of "Cullenswood"


Golden Gate Gold Mine at Mathinna.
Towards the end of the Nineteenth Century Mathinna was the third largest town in Tasmania after Hobart and Launceton.






Avoca Post Office is the place to learn the history of Avoca. Here you can find a good range of photos and information including the history of the well know "Bona Vista" properly

Cranks and Tinkerers Museum in the Old Railway Station, Main Street St Marys has a fantastic display of all things connected to the automotive industry, as well as artefacts and photos of the history of the Fingal Valley

Cornwall Coalminers Heritage Wall is in the Cornwall Park in the centre of town and contains some twelve hundred names of men who pioneered the coal industry in the Mt Nicholas Range. Here you can learn how the early miners tunneled into the mountain with nothing more than a pick, shovel, pit pony and a stick of dynamite to win their prize of "black gold"

Fingal Neighborhood House is situated in the Old Tasmanian Hotel in Talbot Street, Fingal and has access to information and photos relating to the history of Fingal including the famous "Malahide" property, which was settled by William Talbot around 1827. The property still remains in the Talbot family.

Golden Gate Gallery is in High Street, Mathinna and they have a good display of photos and information about the "Golden Days" of the town when it was the third largest in Tasmania after Hobart and Launceston

Mathinna Post Office and Coffee Shop is also in High Street, Mathinna and is a good place for a chat about the colourful history of Mathinna
























You are welcome to view our display of artefacts and photos at the the Cranks & Tinkerers Motor Museum in Main St, St Marys.

St Marys 1903 by the Late David Clement is now online
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St Marys 1903