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The "Wheeler"
An important part of early da coal mining


The arival of the railway to the Fingal Valley in 1886 was a huge boost to local industry


The first cheese factory opened at St Marys in 1894


A young Bary Aulich with the families first bull dozer to help in the timber mill



Coal was discovered near Cornwall in 1843 when a hunter's dog scratched the black fossil from a badger hole. It wasn't until the railway from Conara to St Marys was opened in June 1886, however, that it was seriously mined. It then became a major contributor to the economy of the Fingal Valley and still is today.

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The Dalmayne Coal Mine Fiasco
In 1917 heaps of money and resources were into a project that gave very
little return and proved to be an embarrassment to all concerned
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For many years the dairy industry was the life blood of St Marys. In its hay day there were fifty dairy farms within ten kilometres of St Marys. Now sadly they have all gone with only derelict and crumbling buildings to remind us of that by-gone era.
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Along with farming timber is the oldest industry in the Fingal Valley. It started way back when our settlers first arived with convict opperated pit-mills, throught to modern day machinery and mills that reached thier pook in the 1970s 1980s
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In 1886 when coalming first began in the Fingal Valley, boys as young as 10years old were employed in the industry